This place was neglected. It needed replacements and refurbishings and I began late 2012 with the work. At the time of this writing it is late July 2015 and a lot has been accomplished but quite some finishing touches are left to do inside and the outside improvements must turn to the north side now.

As it used to look in the fall of 2012, the place had it’s charms

July 2015

Regula’ needed raised beds ant went for a pentagon shape. Things took shape during very hot days in June & July 2015

The lower level is constructed with concrete blocks (akin to Durisol in Switzerland). It seemed highly recommendable to cover that outside. I opted for an insulated exterior 2X4 wall as it allowed to replace windows without too much addo. I have yet to proceed similarly on the North side of the house.

Back yard October 2012; shed in former location beneath maple.


Back yard in July 2015, shed near lot boundary, former position to be turned into sitting area on brick pavement (lots of bricks beneath the sod as this is a demolition dump …old bricks from old, old school)


West corner with unfinished window replacement (for a sliding padio door removed after deck was disallowed); rickety balcony to be dismantled.

Replaced upstairs windows, missing siding filled in with cedar clapboard finish, balkony replaced with deck, downstairs outside and windows refurbished.