On imagery

Pictures of full size and quality I do not want to insert in blog pages, not in the RW blog (slow re-publishing), nor in WP hosted renards.blog
From Apple's Photos format large at medium quality makes a file size below 500kb but it may occasionally be a bit soft.
Anyway, image post-processing.
I'd like to end the endless quest.
Apple's Photos is part of the Apple ecosystem but the use of iCloud is not mandatory. Similar to Lightroom, at least the non-subscription version. I di not try it in the end, but I looked into ACDsee and ON1. Dabbled, didn't see the one tool which to me makes DxO outstanding yet again. First Prime denoting, then U-technology to mask in simple ways areas overly dark or bright in a photo. Not entirely resolved tho' is the DAM question.
There is convenience in using Apple's free Photos, serves as DAM with caveats, becomes serviceable in particular with the DxO Optics Pro extension.
I do have the stand-alone DxO PhotoLab and will use it for images with problem areas …too dark, too light and with the Curves tool not adequately 'spot'-treatable. I might yet look again at digiKam as DAM and handling sorting questions including key words.

A jpg OOB (out of the box, i.e. Oly E-M1) vs jpg with DxO PL2.1/U-point technology to lift dark areas.
February 04, 2018, Engadine, RhB winter steam excursion.
P2046222 P2046222_DxO-1

The Kaslo fall and winter. Colourful fall with a relatively early end but …
P1050713_320h P1080049_320h

…winter doesn't want to set in very wintery. Yes, we have some snow, freshened a couple times too but then another warm spell, or what else are days of 6C and 7C to be rated as?
P1100015 P1110001

Kaslo blogging

Maybe it is after all simpler to blog with help of Rapidweaver's blogging page. I thought to have shifted things from wp.com to wp.org but I get confused. wp.org should remain even after I quit the subscription for reanrds.blog. I found it too expensive for the way it works and displays images. I would need extensions which are not as convincing as on smug mug, not from a POV of appearance nor investment. Really great photo-theme pages are costly.

Yesterday our neighbour, Anna, came back from her family visit for New Year's. and now the lights are on again across from 647 at 632 B Ave. It seems widely shared a custom, to take the lights down after the 12th day of Christmas. Anna said in Sweden they took such decorations down after 13 days …well, after the night of the 12th day of Christmas. Same linguistic issue as a fourtnite and quince jours. No? - Yes, of course!